Keep Changing Me - Neoborn Caveman feat. Mike tyler

Keep Changing Me now in the radios UK-wide! 

After releasing our lyrics video for the radio version of Keep Changing Me, Mike and his supporting staff (namely Melody) have managed to let our song enter to the digital and terrestrial radios in the UK.


It is always a diligent work, honing the craft of it, and a whole lot of luck to be heard - yes, good production and actual storytelling in today's world not nearly enough. Though, maybe even in the past it took more than just making the best and most sincere songs...

(we should ask Bryan Robinson, he knows a lot about music history and truly is a great, noble person...;)


So, are there people who actually listen to music on radios?

Well, maybe more than it seems in this high-tech ruling era...


Mike and I have been talking a lot whether people will actually hear what we try to say. Numbness and self-indulgance in the era of superficial emotions are hard to cope with. Even for us, artists, songwriters, musicians.

Yet, we have hope. Hope in You who are reading this right now and might remember how to change, keep changing and treasure the ones who can help us in this path of growth with kindness, compassion, care, respect and love.


Here is the lyrics video for you. It might make your day or save someone you send it to.



Behind the song "Keep Changing Me" 

It was the one day of summer when Mike tweeted me to write him a song.

Soon after we had a long talk, one I think we haven't stopped since, and I just wrote "Keep Changing Me" the very same night. Indeed, it was an outpouring experience, one rarely happening that fast and efficiently - if one can use this word for art and music. Most probably, being asked as a songwriter lifted a burden in me, too.

How can we say and what in life, these days?

How can we stay relevant in this contemporary era of industry made music?

First and foremost, by staying authentic.

Reaching to our roots, speaking about our fears and true joys - we all have them, we just need to find that connection and that form to speak up. Especially nowadays, when generations seem to have lost their voices due to rampant numbness and ignorance rampant in societies.

"Keep Changing Me" is a love song and an ode to our vulnaribility: longing for actual connection.

The way Mike Tyler sings it really like a man, in the truest possible meaning: looking back, recognizing, admitting, taking responsibility for his personal need to grow, that's the honesty this song needs.

I wrote this song to bridge gaps inside ourselves and in between lovers.

Because that's what it is, at the end, the act of love what matters in life the most.


Stay tuned for more!


Blessing to you all,


Neoborn Caveman