She is not the girl

"She is not the girl" is my second recording after my accident. Actually, I wrote it in a trance state and it turned out to be my first and only trance song.

It is about to open up for our own brokenness.

And well, that's not the easiest thing to do, I think you can all relate to it. 'Been there, done that' - as they say. It's like a car crash when you have a bended time and space - just it's a relationship crash. Same way you feel injured, wounded, disoriented, lost and helpless. Weak. Dumbfounded. Yet, trying to tell a tale of a self-altered past will never help to get out and move on.

So, what can we do?


That's a crucial point before any significant change can happen.

It's silent, it happens inside.

Interestingly, after finishing recording and having it mastered, as I was listening to "She is not the girl" I had a very vivid reliving of my past relationship. It was like I was listening to someone else's song and it gave me another chance to recognize, realize, admit that I hadn't been over nearly as much as I had thought. "Neverending dreams faded away / I am not yours and you are not mine anymore" - as it says.

But with silent cries I could: I drove this car again and again to crash and finally I could get out. At least this is how I felt.


I hope and wish you can have a good driving with this song, and let me know in a message if it could add to your life, if it could help. Or just had a good ride at night listening to it!

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