Echoes of Life

It has been a long while since I got inspired to write "Echoes of Life", one of my most experimental genre-bending musical idea these days

Also, this is one of the most personal one.

A brother of mine wrote how he needs to distant himself from his music and lyrics to get the message out. In a way I agreed him, since there must be an artistic way. On the other hand, I feel in my heart, honesty, integrity and a united soul-mind-body is even more important.

Some knows, I love the natural sounds, without amplifying, without electricity - just like at a fire far away from the city, where we sit and talk, share and sing our hearts and minds. That truthness is the key to every music, to every art - this is how I believe it.


So, "Echoes of Life" is in its final stages, will come out very soon, with the line "You can't damage me anymore / I have love beyond the war".

Have you been there?


PS: If you'd like a special preview to it, let me know in a message!

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