Counterfeit Love

I wrote Counterfeit Love for the unloved, those living behind the rainbow, the misunderstood and neglected, abused ones.

Does love differentiate amung us? True love does not. It is rich in acceptance, empathy, tolerance and forgiveness. Also true love is smart and apprehensive. It sticks with you, no matter what.

All the other things are just part of some counterfeit love.

How can we not love each other? How can we not care for each other? How can we move on others suffering and the ones in need?

Sometimes it is only a small thing, many times it's bigger, quite often it is a great cause. And it's not enough good to say "we are just people", "I'm just one person" - no, never.

We are destined for each other. We are meant to give the very best to each other.

Counterfeit Love is to sing out the pain from deep inside.

It's like an EDM spiritual.

Sing and dance the pain out.


Sing and dance the pain out!


And then, just be the best of yourself and even better.

Have true love!

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