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As we are getting close to finish The Break-up Therapy album we'd like to offer a chance to adopt a song and support our project this way, too.

Also, we would like to give you a visual storytelling with the songs for 'She is not the girl", "Where is the direction", "Now, I am free", "Counterfeit Love" and "You were my Savior", and your contribution will be used for the crew and editing.

Each supporters will be sent a thank you video and will get named as a contributor-sponsor.

Click on below "Song adoption" and send an amount of your choice!

Any contribution is welcomed!

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Adopt a song or the whole album by offering a donation here. You can name a song of your choice or you can just simply support the whole album with an amount of your choice. All contribution will be used for finishing the album and creating visuals, such as music videos. Each contributor-sponsor will be appreciated and mentioned. Any size of contribution is welcomed!

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On donations

By signing up for the e-mail list as a contributor-sponsor, you will receive special updates at every milestones, including behind-the-scences infos and previews, too.

In case you wish to send your donation in a different way, please get in touch via Contact menu.


Thank you!